#xboot #usb multi iso installer, instalacion de autoarranque manual #Grub4DOS

fuente: http://www.themudcrab.com/acronis_grub4dos.php#tagInstall


el xboot nos instalara los archivos necesarios para el autoarranque automaticamente, pero a veces le da por ahi y no … asi que para instalar manualmente los archivos par ael boot desde bios necesarios seguiremos estos pasos:

Section 1 – Installing Grub4DOS

Before Grub4DOS can be installed, several files need to be downloaded and unzipped. One is the Grub4DOS program and the other is the Installer. Click on the links below to download the files. Save them to a known location (My Downloads, for example) so they’re easy to find.

Extract the downloaded zip files into separate folders. For example, you may unzip Grub4DOS toC:\Grub4DOS and the Installer to C:\Grub4DOS-Installer. You may also choose to unzip them into a folder named after the zip file’s name.

If your flashdrive is not already plugged into the computer, plug it in now.

The next step is to run the Grub4DOS Installer on the flashdrive. Browse to the Installer’s unzipped folder using Windows Explorer.


In Windows XP, just run the grubinst_gui.exe program.

In Vista, you’ll need to run grubinst_gui.exe in Administrator mode. Right-click on the program file and select Run as administrator from the pop-up menu.


You may get a security pop-up window asking if you want to run the program. Select Run to start the program.


In Vista, if you have UAC turned on (the default setting), you’ll get another warning. Select Allow to let the program start.


Once the program is started, select the Disk option, then click the Disk Refresh button and then select your flashdrive from the dropdown box.


You should be able to tell which disk is your flashdrive by the size shown for each drive. In this example, my 8GB flashdrive is easy to pick out.


IMPORTANT: Make sure you select your flashdrive from the dropdown list and not a different drive (if installing to a USB hard drive or an internal drive, make sure it’s the correct one). If you accidentally select the wrong drive, you may not be able to boot your system without doing a boot repair.

Now click the Part List Refresh button, then the dropdown box and finally select the Whole disk (MBR)option.


Check the Don’t search floppy option, leave all the other options unchecked and cleared and then click theInstall button to install Grub4DOS to the MBR of the flashdrive.


Hopefully, you’ll get the message that the installation was successful.


Press Enter to close the Command Prompt window. The Grub4DOS MBR and booting code is now installed on the flashdrive.

The next step is to copy the grldr file to the flashdrive’s root folder. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the folder where you unzipped the Grub4DOS program and copy the file to the flashdrive.


Grub4DOS is now installed on the flashdrive. Depending on how you want to boot your flashdrive to the Acronis Media, select one of the Sections below to continue.


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