#css tutorial para expandir div con animacion y superposicion by @codrops

Fuente:  tympanus.net/codrops

Our previous article, Understanding the CSS Clip Property by Hugo Giraudel offers a great overview of the CSS clip property and the rect() function. Today we want to explore the practical side of it a little bit more. We are going to create a neat and simple effect for revealing some extra content and expanding a fullscreen overlay.

We want to show how to leverage the CSS clip property to make a smooth transition when clicking on a box element. The idea is to show some kind of overlay as if it’s actually underneath the respective element. Clicking an element will create a cut-out effect, revealing another layer that will expand.

This is how we’ll do it: we will first create a list of items that will look like metro-style boxes:


Each one of the boxes will contain an element (overlay) that will be of position fixed. This element will actually spread over all the page but we won’t see it because the opacity will be set to 0. When we click on a box, we’ll use clip: rect() to crop the respective part of the inner fixed element. Then we will animate the clip to reveal all the width and height of the overlay which is our entire viewport:


Clicking on the close button will reverse the effect and the overlay will minimize to the list item’s size and disappear.

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